Rowand-Johnson Hall

Rowand-Johnson Hall

Rowand-Johnson Hall is home to the Department of Theatre and Dance. It is also used for English and Anthropology classes.

The building, which was constructed in 1955, has classrooms, rehearsal rooms, costume studio, and offices for the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Rowand-Johnson also houses two theatres. The Marian Gallaway Theatre, named after the director of theatre from 1948 to 1973, is a 305-seat proscenium theatre that hosts four to six main stage productions each year. The Allen Bales Theatre is a thrust-stage, 150-seat facility used for studio productions. Seating charts for both can be found at the Department of Theatre and Dance's web site.

For tickets to shows call the box office or visit the Department of Theatre and Dance Web site.

The School of Music resided in the facility until the construction of Moody Music Building in 1988. In the fall of 1989 the 'Music and Speech Building' was renamed Rowand-Johnson Hall in honor of Dr. Johnson and Dr. Wilbur Rowand who was a long-time chair of the Music Department. Dr. Johnson served as chair of the Department of Speech until his retirement in 1970. It was soon after his retirement that the Department of Speech was reorganized into three departments: Communicative Disorders, Speech Communication, and Theater and Dance. The Communicative Disorders and Speech Communication Departments moved out of the building, but the Department of Theatre and Dance stayed.


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