The Quad

The Quad

The Quad is the heart of the UA campus in more ways than one. Its central location means most students enjoy it on a daily basis and the Quad's scenic beauty is special to all who experience it.

Students use the Quad for activities from tossing a Frisbee or football to finding a quiet place to study. Many enjoy a few minutes of serenity on the way to class while walking on the nicely shaded sidewalks. The Quad is also used for pep rallies and the bonfire on homecoming and for various other student gatherings.

Buried beneath the Quad are the ruins of several dorm buildings that were burned during the Civil War. The Mound on the northwest side of the Quad is the site of the old Franklin Hall dorm. The original library is also buried underneath the area in front of Gorgas Library on the Quad. An architect of the University designed the large expanse of land to have trees on one side for studying and open grass on the other for play.


Information collected from The University of Alabama : a guide to the campus by Robert Oliver Mellown (Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c1988).