Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium is the on-campus home of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, winners of 15 national championships. The stadium is the second-largest in the Southeastern Conference and fifth-largest college stadium in the nation.

Prior to Bryant-Denny Stadium being built, the Alabama football team played on the Quad from 1893 to 1914 and on the University Field, renamed Denny Field in 1920, from 1915 to 1917 and 1919 to 1928. Denny Field was two blocks east of the current stadium, behind Little Hall. Mallet Hall and Parker-Adams Hall now stand on the north endzone and a parking lot covers the rest of what remains of Denny Field.

Bryant-Denny Stadium was built in 1929 and christened George Hutcheson Denny Stadium after the 15th president of the University. In 1975, the state legislature renamed the stadium "Bryant-Denny Stadium" in honor of Coach Paul William "Bear" Bryant who led the Crimson Tide to six national titles.

The current stadium has a seating capacity of 101,821 with an all-time attendance record of the same amount. All Tuscaloosa home games since 1988 have been consecutively sold out. Bryant-Denny has four video scoreboards and two state-of-the-art ribbon wrap-around display boards as well as 159 skyboxes. An addition of a new Digital Media Center which houses WVUA news is being built in the north end zone by the College of Communication in conjunction with the Athletic Department.


  • 1937 - 18,000 capacity
  • 1950 - 25,000
  • 1961 - 43,000
  • 1966 - 60,000
  • 1988 - 70,123
  • 1998 - 83,818
  • 2006 - 92,138
  • 2010 - 101,821

Tours of the stadium are available at 11:00am Monday through Friday. For more on tours, please visit the Tour Request Form here.

List of Alabama Football Coaches

  1. E.B. Beaumont (1892)
  2. Eli Abbott  (1893-1895)  
  3. Otto Wagonhurst  (1896)
  4. Allen McCants  (1897)
    (In 1896 the University's board of trustees passed a rule forbidding athletic teams from traveling off the campus. As a result Alabama only played one game in 1897 and did not field a team in 1898. The ban was lifted in 1899.)       
  5. W.A. Martin (1899)
  6. M. Griffin  (1900)             
  7. M.H. Harvey  (1901)
  8. Eli Abbott  (1902)
  9. W.B. Blount (1903-1904)
  10. Jack Leavenworth (1905)
  11. J.W.H. Pollard (1906-1909)          
  12. Guy Lowman (1910)
  13. D.V. Graves (1911-1914)              
  14. Thomas Kelly (1915-1917)
  15. Xen C. Scott (1919-1922)                              
  16. Wallace Wade (1923-1930)
  17. Frank Thomas (1931-1946)
  18. H.D. Drew (1947-1954)  
  19. J.B. Whitworth (1955-1957)        
  20. Paul W. Bryant (1958-1982)         
  21. Ray Perkins (1983-1986)               
  22. Bill Curry (1987-1989)     
  23. Gene Stallings (1990-1996)          
  24. Mike DuBose (1997-2000)           
  25. Dennis Franchione (2001-2002)
  26. Mike Price (fired prior to the season)(2003)
  27. Mike Shula (2003-2006)                
  28. Joe Kines (Interim) (2006)
  29. Nick Saban (2007-Present)


Historical Images

Courtesy of the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library

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