B. B. Comer Hall

B. B. Comer Hall

B. B. Comer Hall is home to the Capstone International Center, the Department of Modern Languages and Classics, including the Language Resource Center, and The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs.

The first floor contains the Capstone International Center, comprised of the English Language Institute (ELI), International Academic Programs/Study Abroad, and International Services, several classrooms, vending machines, and space to host Capstone International Coffee Hour. The Department of Modern Languages and Classics is housed on the second floor, including faculty offices, classrooms, a small kitchen, and the Language Computer Lab and main office. The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs is located in the basement of B.B. Comer.

B.B. Comer Hall, named for Braxton Bragg Comer and built around the same time as Smith Hall (1907-1910), was the first home of the College of Engineering and was known simply as Comer Hall. The south wing contained the physics and electrical engineering departments on the first floor and above were the engineering library, dean's office, and classrooms.

The center part of the building also held the university's power plant which included a boiler, dynamo, heating and plumbing machinery, and coal apparatus. However, in 1936 the College of Engineering left Comer and moved to Hardaway Hall. Finally in 1961 the building was remodeled for the College of Arts and Sciences to use. In 2010-11 the exterior of the building was restored.

Historical Images

Courtesy of the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library

Information collected from The University of Alabama : a guide to the campus by Robert Oliver Mellown (Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c1988), and The University of Alabama, a pictorial history by Suzanne Rau Wolfe (University : University of Alabama Press, c1983). Historical images are courtesy of the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, The University of Alabama and are reproduced with permission.