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UA Campus Map

Building Index — Numerical (Omissions in numerical sequence and unnumbered buildings are a result of ongoing changes to the UA campus.)

Delta Gamma
1003Carmichael Hall10-G
1013Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library9-H
1014Gorgas House10-G
1021Student Services Center9-F
1022Ferguson Student Center8-F
1027Blount Undergraduate Initiative John T. Oliver - Barnard Academic House10-G
1030Graves Hall11-H
1031Bidgood Hall10-G
1032Mary Hewell Alston Hall11-F
1033Nott Hall Annex9-K
1034Biology Building8-J
1036Angelo Bruno Business Library and Sloan Y. Bashinsky Computer Center11-G
1038Scientific Collections Building / Mary Harmon Bryant Hall9-J
1039Lloyd Hall9-J
1040Clark Hall9-G
1043B. B. Comer Hall9-F
1045Denny Chimes10-I
1051McLure Education Library11-G
1052Engineering Boiler8-I
1067Garland Hall9-H
1070East Quad Energy Plant9-L
1072Hardaway Hall8-H
1079Houser Hall8-G
1099Manly Hall9-G
1107Morgan Hall10-F
1108Rowand-Johnson Hall10-F
1150Nott Hall 9-J
1155Gallalee Hall10-K
1160Child and Family Research Clinic9-K
1167Round House10-H
1170Gordon Palmer Hall8-K
1172Smith Hall / Alabama Museum of Natural History9-I
1174Student Engineering Projects Building9-H
1175ROTC and A&S Programs Building (U.S. Bureau of Mines)9-I
1199Blount Undergraduate Initiative Toumey Academic House9-I
1214Woods Hall9-G
1226Russell Hall9-L
1235South Engineering Research Center8-H
1236North Engineering Research Center
1245H.M. Comer Hall (Mineral Industries Building)7-G
1249Tom Bevill Energy, Mineral, and Materials Science Research Building7-F
1250Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering8-I
1251Shelby Hall7-H
1252AIME (Alabama Institute for Manufacturing Excellence)7-E
1254Science and Engineering Complex7-I
1401McMillan Building (University of Alabama Press)6-G
2035Maintenance Grounds9-E
2064Freidman Hall11-F
2068Delta Kappa Epsilon11-G
2093Blount Undergraduate Initiative Living-Learning Center8-C
2106Moore House10-D
2152Frederick R. Maxwell Hall11-F
2153Palmer Hall7-D
2193Somerville Hall8-D
2247Paty Hall8-D
2261Riverside West6-D
2262Riverside East6-E
2263Riverside North6-D
2264Riverside Residential Complex6-D
2265Lakeside Residential Area East7-C
2266Lakeside Residential Area West7-B
2267Lakeside Dining7-D
2269Ridgecrest East Residential8-C
2270Ridgecrest West Residential8-B
2271Ridgecrest South Residential9-C
2297ten Hoor Hall10-E
2332Maintenance Quonset10-E
2600Presidential Village I5-D
2663Highlands on Hackberry5-D
2664Highlands on Hackberry4-D
2665Highlands on Hackberry4-E
2666Highlands on Hackberry5-E
2667Highlands on Hackberry4-E
2668Highlands on Hackberry5-E
2669Highlands on Hackberry4-E
2670Highlands on Hackberry5-E
2908Beta Theta Pi11-F
2924Phi Gamma Delta12-F
2933Sigma Nu12-E
3418Performing Arts Building I5-L
3421Environmental Health and Safety4-N
3423Theater and Dance Set Design Studio4-N
4255Lambda Sigma Phi8-L
4256Alpha Phi Alpha7-L
4257Sigma Pi7-K
4258Delta Sigma Theta7-K
4259Theta Tau8-K
4260Kappa Alpha Psi8-K
4292Bryant Dining8-L
4293Bryant Dormitory8-L
4294Bryant Hall8-L
4375607 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex7-N
4376601 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex7-N
4377511 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex7-N
4378Bryce Activity Room - C.O.P. Office7-N
4379423 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex7-M
4380417 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex7-M
4381411 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex7-M
4382405 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex6-M
4383508 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex(French and German House)7-M
4384500 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex(Spanish House)7-M
4385422 Bryce Lawn Apartment Complex7-M
4835Phi Delta Theta12-F
4909Chi Phi8-M
4915Delta Tau Delta7-L
4917Kappa Alpha8-N
4921Kappa Sigma8-M
4922Lambda Chi Alpha8-M
4929Pi Kappa Phi9-N
4930Sigma Alpha Epsilon9-M
4931Sigma Chi7-K
4934Phi Sigma Kappa9-M
4935Theta Chi7-L
4937Zeta Beta Tau8-M
4940Alpha Kappa Lambda8-M
4941Pi Kappa Alpha8-O
4942Alpha Tau Omega8-M
4944Delta Chi8-M
5010Capstone College of Nursing5-V
5016Child Development Research Center5-T
5017Stallings Center (RISE Program)5-U
5018University Medical Center and Student Health Center6-T
5020600 University Blvd6-U
5024700 University Blvd5-U
5365Outdoor Pool Facilities5-P
5370John and Ann Rhoads Softball Stadium4-Q
5372Student Recreation Center5-Q
5373Recreation Fields and Restrooms6-P
5386Recreational Tennis Courts5-S
5389Soccer Complex6-Q
5390Varsity Tennis Courts4-S
5560Capstone Village Retirement Center4-T
6025Law Center9-T
6082Coleman Coliseum11-R
6085Mal Moore Athletic Facility10-Q
6086Crisp Indoor Practice Facility11-Q
6116Bailey Track Stadium12-Q
6118Frank M. Moody Music Building9-P
6208University Police Center5-U
6219Aquatic Center11-N
6299ISSR Building7-T
6301Bryant Conference Center9-P
6302Alumni Hall9-Q
6303Paul W. Bryant Museum9-P
6305Center for Community-Based Partnerships8-S
6369Sewell-Thomas Baseball Field10-R
7004Harris Hall12-I
7006Rose Administration Building11-I
7012Temple Tutwiler Hall11-H
7016HES Design House11-J
7017Doster Hall11-I
7028Barnwell Hall12-K
7046Bryant-Denny Stadium12-H
7054Farrah Hall10-K
7059Foster Auditorium10-L
7074Osband Hall11-L
7088Little Hall10-K
7090A. B. Moore Hall10-K
7158President\'s Mansion11-J
7202East Annex11-J
7203Adams Hall11-I
7205Reese Phifer Hall (Communication Building)11-H
7206Tutwiler Hall13-K
7213Hayden-Harris Hall10-L
7244Mary Burke Hall11-M
7298Martha Parham Hall11-L
7826Dance Studio on Bryant Drive12-K
7902Alpha Delta Pi12-K
7904Alpha Gamma Delta11-I
7905Alpha Omicron Pi12-H
7907Gamma Phi Beta12-J
7910Chi Omega11-J
7911Delta Delta Delta12-J
7912Alpha Kappa Alpha12-J
7916Delta Zeta12-J
7918Kappa Alpha Theta12-I
7919Kappa Delta11-J
7920Kappa Kappa Gamma12-I
7923Phi Kappa Psi12-G
7926Phi Mu12-J
7927Pi Beta Phi12-J
7932Alpha Phi13-J
7938Zeta Tau Alpha12-J
9180South Lawn Office Building8-V
AHotel Capstone 10-O
BW. B. Jones Hall (Oil and Gas)8-J
CBaptist Campus Ministries9-N
DSt. Francis University Parish/Catholic Student Center10-N
D280South ten Hoor Parking Deck11-E
D282North ten Hoor Parking Deck11-E
D284Ridgecrest Parking Deck9-C
D286Ferguson Center Parking Deck8-E
D480Campus Drive Parking Deck7-J
ECanterbury Chapel Episcopal Church and Student Center10-M
FUniversity Lutheran Chapel10-N
GWesley Foundation10-N
HDisciple Student Fellowship Center11-M
IHillel House10-O
JUniversity Presbyterian Student Association13-G
KTemple Emanu-El10-O

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